Athletes often undergo vigorous physical and pulmonary resistance training and their bodies have to endure a lot more to run faster, jump higher and throw further. When they come back to sea level, the surge of oxygen helps them perform like a rocket propelled out of a canon.

95% of athletes who have won world championships and medals in the Olympics have either lived in locations that provide natural pulmonary resistance training. While elite athletes can afford to travel to training facilities, most of us cannot.


The mask promotes this training environments by creating pulmonary resistance and increasing your overall performance. Used by thousands of athletes around the globe, Altitude Resistance Mask reduces your training time by two-thirds and enhances your workout efficiency to develop the best version of yourself.

Modified to fit comfortably around your nose and mouth, the mask’s design is a result of extensive research and clinical testing. Training with the Altitude Resistance Mask will increase your mental and physical stamina, condition your lungs to work harder for oxygen and give you the beneficial effects of training up at higher altitudes, and not to replicate being up at high altitude.